Affordable Dupe Alternatives For Dr. Lara Devgan Skincare

Not everyone can afford visiting a celebrity dermatologist, nor their own brand skincare line. That's what a dupe finder is for.

Dr. Lara Devgan, famous NYC plastic surgeon and media darling has her own line of products selling at all the hardest to get into retailers like Sephora, Violet Grey and Netaporter. Prices range from $65 to $300. About Dr. Lara Devgan Scientific Beauty, they say: “Luxury medical-grade skin care by a renowned beauty expert. Intelligent, clinically effective, clean beauty products based in the heart of New York City. As seen in Vogue, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, and Forbes.”

Given that so many exclusive retailers carry this line, we were extremely surprised to see the results of our Skincare Compare comparison search. To summarize, almost every product in the line has a very highly comparable alternative selling at a fraction of the price. What a find! See for yourself:

Dr. Lara Devgan - Advanced Recovery Cream $145 // DRMTLGY - Soothe and Recovery Cream $39 100% Match Score

Dr. Lara Devgan - Advanced Revitalizing Cleanser $65 // DRMTLGY - Essential Cleanser $26 92% Match Score

Dr. Lara Devgan - Clarifying Cleanser $65 // DRMTLGY - Gentle Acne Cleanser $23 99% Match Score

Dr. Lara Devgan - Hyaluronic Serum $245 // DRMTLGY - Needle-Less Serum $69 98% Match Score

Dr. Lara Devgan - Microdermabrasion Scrub $65 // DRMTLGY - Microdermabrasion Scrub $16 99% Match Score

Dr. Lara Devgan - Peptide Eye Cream $215 // DRMTLGY - Age Reversal Eye Cream $51 100% Match Score

Dr. Lara Devgan - Platinum Long Lash Serum $150 // Maxine Dean - Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum $55 98% Match Score

Dr. Lara Devgan - Resveratrol Night Cream $220 // Replenix - Restorative Nighttime Bio-Therapy $72 100% Match Score

Dr. Lara Devgan - Retinol + Bakuchiol 2.5x Serum $300 // Dr. Angela Sturm - Smooth Skin Retinol Treatment $92 100% Match Score

Dr. Lara Devgan - Vitamin C+B+E Ferulic Serum $145 // DRMTLGY - Vitamin C E + F $69 99% Match Score

Dr. Lara Devgan - SPF44 BB Cream $145 // DRMTLY Physical Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF44 $28 - 100% Match Score

Thanks to beauty’s comparison site - Skincare Compare, we are able to have some visibility into possibly comparable beauty products.

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