From luxurious sheet masks to creamy clay masks and innovative gel masks, masks are the equivalent of a cozy, regenerating blanket for your face.

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Treat: Rinse-off Masks for Hydration

The most popular and highly rated hydration rinse-off masks on the market at the moment. Addresses signs of dryness and discomfort.

Facial masks, once a nice to have in a skincare routine are now a must have and more popular than ever. Facial masks are designed to deliver concentrated doses of active ingredients to the skin, helping to address a wide range of skin concerns. Facial masks come in a variety of types, including sheet masks, clay masks, cream masks, and overnight masks. Sheet masks are a popular option that involves applying a pre-cut sheet to the face that is soaked in a serum or essence. Clay masks, on the other hand, are designed to draw out impurities from the skin and typically contain ingredients like kaolin clay or bentonite clay. Facial masks offer a range of skin benefits, including hydration, exfoliation, brightening, and acne-fighting properties. Many facial masks contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, or alpha hydroxy acids to deliver these benefits. Sustainability is becoming increasingly a consideration with consumers looking for alternatives to one use masks.

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