The Skincare Compare™ Similarity Review Tool

What is Skincare Compare™?

First, you should know that it's really the best thing ever. And it's for all you beauty geeks out there who want to know - where the similar product alternatives at?! We know the market is saturated with so many products and messages that it seems hard to get any objective information about how any particular product actually compares to other products.

Originally built to satisfy our own curiousity, this kick-ass similarity review tool compares skincare products based on what we think (and we're pretty sure you think) is the most important thing about a product - its ingredients. More on our Methodology page if you want to know.

So, go ahead and try it - search any product!

Skincare Compare™ will show you the top comparables AND show you a Match Score for each result. The Match Score tells you just how similar the results are to your target product. It's crazy addictive. Our bet is you never buy another skincare product without checking in with SKINSKOOL first.

Ways to use Skincare Compare™

  • You're dying to get your hands on that new [fill in the blank] but unfortunately, you also have to eat this month. Find a more affordable alternative with SKINSKOOL.
  • You really love X product but you don't like that it contains Y ingredient. Find a better alternative that suits your preferences using SKINSKOOL.
  • Your favourite product was discontinued? Say it isn't so! Relax - SKINSKOOL can help you find a replacement.
  • Hey, maybe you've been using the same old stuff for years and want a change – but you're totally confused? Use SKINSKOOL as a starting point to see what's similar to your old stuff.


Yeh, you might have a few:

What is a similar product alternative in skincare?

A similar product alternative in skincare is a product that has similar ingredients or a similar function to another (sometimes more expensive) product on the market. You might be seeing more and more people talking about similar affordable products. This is a result of the huge trend towards finding and buying legitimate skincare comparables because consumers are getting more savvy about the traditionally big profit margins on beauty products like skincare and haircare. Comparables are not products that have infringed on any other brand's IP - they happen to use similar ingredients in their formulation which is not uncommon due to the many proven actives in the market that work.

For almost all products on the market, depending on how you frame it, you can find a comparable by ingredient content or function from another brand. All kinds of methods exist to identify or distinguish what a satisfactory alternative is for a particular product – from the very basic word of mouth suggestion from a fellow skincare user to algorithmic tools like SKINSKOOL. The objective comparable search results curated by our SKINSKOOL platform are determined using an algorithm that takes into account the full INCI ingredient list of a product, as opposed to focusing only on a few claim or key ingredients. We think that takes into account the realities of beauty marketing and is more in line with what people are looking for in a similar product.

Can I trust "similar product" alternatives?

A similar product alternative is just a casual way of naming the concept of one product being comparable or having similar properties to another product on the market. Specifically in beauty, this does not entail any IP infringement. Skincare Compare™ looks at products that have distinct brands and distinct formulations while drawing attention to similar properties between products on the market. Therefore, as with any product that you consider buying, the quality of the comparable product comes down to the reputation of the maker of the product. Product quality has nothing to do with the fact that one product has been identified as a great similar product alternative for another product.

Should I use the SKINSKOOL similarity review tool to find similar skincare alternatives?

Hopefully since you are here, you are already using SKINSKOOL to find skincare objective comparables that fit your taste and budget. Within the context of a comparable product search, we curate a high level list of possible comparable contenders to the target product and we encourage you to dig into the description and ingredient lists of the results to find exactly what you are looking for. Be confident that you are able to navigate the world of beauty shopping on your own.

How can I find similar haircare products?

You've come to the right place to find similar haircare products. We added the haircare category last year and we're continuously improving it with more and more products. Haircare is a growing category that is being lux-ified and there is not a better time to use our platform to find similar haircare products that meet your taste and budget. Interestingly, it appears that the list of ingredients used in haircare development is shorter than skincare development so early on we are already seeing quite good similarity match scores.

What should I know about using the SKINSKOOL similarity review tool?

First off, nothing replaces first-hand trialling of products. If you don't try something yourself, you can't know if it suits you. So we always suggest trying products in real life that you've discovered via our search results. Certain information such as the exact volume of ingredients in a formulation is proprietary to the brand itself. There is no possible way to know the concentrations of ingredients so we don't consider them in our compare results. You should also know that SKINSKOOL considers the full INCI ingredient list when we curate objective similar comparables. This means that we don't just look at what the brand highlights as "key" ingredients. This to us seems more fulsome. Think about the number of vitamin c products there are or hyaluronic acid serums. A compare considering these highlighted ingredients alone would not be specific enough in our eyes. Since we consider a full INCI list, you should drill down into the results further to find exactly what you're looking for.

Is the SKINSKOOL similarity review tool reliable?

We've helped millions of beauty enthusiasts find products that suit their tastes and budgets using comparable beauty as the contextual cue. We can't think of an easier way to gain a clever advantage on the beauty marketing system than using the SKINSKOOL similarity review tool. We have already found hundreds of viable and credible similar product alternatives for millions of users – and we're only getting better.

Why is this tool free?

We wanted to make something that solved a super annoying problem; one that we encountered for years, every time we went skincare shopping. We were able to create a really useful tool – and now we've released it into the world. If you appreciate our efforts, and since virtual high-fives are kind of awkward, our only wish is that you share it with all the skincare lovers in your life.

How do you make money?

If you click through to "Buy Now" on a comparison result, you will be taken to a 3rd party retailer. If you subsequently purchase a product from this retailer, we may make a small affiliate commission. We currently do not earn any money from advertising or marketing. Potential future partnerships or collaborations with brands will never influence the results shown on our Skincare Compare™ similarity review tool. These are and always will be 100% objective.

We have also recently launched our own product under the brand Khyn & Grail. Skincare Compare™ comparison results as related to our own brand are 100% objective, never manipulated. They are treated the same as any of the other products in our system.

Can a brand influence their standing in your comparison results?

Our comparison results are 100% objective. We apply our algorithm to every product in our database the same way every time. Brands can never affect their standing in the rankings. If we ever, in the future, agree to display any advertising from a brand, we would always make this clear and it would never affect the Skincare Compare™ results from our search tool.

If Product B is the top match for Product A, why isn't Product A also the top match for Product B?

Just because SKINSKOOL finds that Product B is the top match for Product A, it doesn't automatically mean that Product A is the top match for Product B. Remember that the results are relative against all the other products in the database (and there's a lot); there could be different and better matches out there for Product B.

I can't find a product in Skincare Compare™. How can I get it added?

Just let us know. Provided we can locate credible ingredient information for the product, we will have it added as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours).

What's up with the products under Discover More Products? How do they differ from the similarity results?

These are products we think you might also want to check out based on your target search. We don't consider the ingredients of the target product in this section though; it's about discovering related products in form and/or function.

Other questions? Send us a note!

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