Our methodology

The beauty inside the bottle

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It all starts with Skincare Compare™: the clever name we gave to the "world's first ingredient-based beauty product discovery algorithm". With the help of a biochemist and software engineer, we spent two years creating this powerful algorithm. The Skincare Compare™ similarity review tool approaches product discovery from a novel, but also, most logical angle – the product's ingredients. Other product discovery algorithms work on a superficial level using only "key word" search; they do not deep dive into what really matters when it comes to skincare, the actual ingredients. We do that.

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If you're interested we'll tell you a bit more about how the algorithm works. First, we put all ingredients on the same playing field; this is called standardizing search terms. For example, some brands use the term "seaweed" while others may use the term "carrageenan". Our truly wise algorithm knows these ingredients are the same and puts them in the same category - that way, you can compare them more accurately. The algorithm then groups similar ingredients together and prioritizes them based on relevance and functionality. This process is fully automated, which makes it easy for us to add the latest products as they come on the market.

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The Skincare Compare™ similarity review tool also takes into account forty other product dimensions/attributes. It then generates a unique weighted average comparison score vis-a-vis other similar products in the database (eg: a cleanser will only be matched against a cleanser).

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Finally, our algorithm dazzles with the top results from your search, revealing which products are most similar from an ingredient angle. This is represented by a similarity Match Score. We are constantly updating our database with new products so Match Score results will change as new products are added and better matches found. We hope you catch the thrill of the chase – discovering an elusive affordable alternative feels like winning the lottery (or in this case saving money)!