Here, you'll find a comprehensive guide to the most popular makeup brands and products, all determined by the buzz and feedback from our vibrant SKINSKOOL community. Whether you're looking to discover new popular makeup brands, find your next go-to products from established makeup brands, or explore trending items like bronzing drops, this page has got you covered. Dive in to see what our community recommends and uncover the must-have products to elevate your makeup routine.

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Makeup Expertly Curated Subsets

The Only Spray Foundations

There aren't that many spray foundations on the market, but here they are.

Trending Creamy Concealers

Highly searched products in the category of concealers.

Self Tanner Face Serum Drops

These serums give you a sun kissed glow while providing hydration and nourishment. Get that Where Did You Go reaction without the sun damage. Massage a few drops onto a well cleansed and exfoliated face and watch a tan develop.

Moisturizing Primers

Multitasking heroes, combine the benefits of a moisturizer and a primer in one.

Tinted Serums

Appealing to the natural look makeup lovers, combine the skin enhancing benefits of a serum with subtle colour pigments.

Full Coverage Foundations

Longlasting, maximum coverage, effectively concealing imperfections, blemishes, and uneven skin tone.

Blurring Primers

Light-diffusing particles or optical blurring agents create a soft-focus effect on the skin, blurring the appearance of imperfections and creating a smoother, more refined complexion.

Micro Droplet Foundations

Ultra-fine, microscopic droplets suspended in a lightweight liquid base that break upon contact with the skin, releasing the pigments and allowing for effortless blending and a natural finish.

Most Popular Mascaras Now

The mascaras everyone is talking about.

Soft Focus Complexion Glow Boosters

Contain light-diffusing particles or optical blurring agents that scatter and reflect light, creating a soft and diffused look on the skin. A filter in real life.

Setting Sprays with Lentil Extract

Lentil extract contains natural polymers known for their ability to form a breathable film on the skin's surface which helps to lock in makeup.

Lavender Brightening Primers

Primers with a lavender tint, which helps to counteract dullness and sallowness in the skin.

Blush Oils

pH activated colour changing blush oils.

Bronzing Drops

Bronzing drops are all the rage - providing sun-kissed color and natural glow to your skin.

The makeup market has completely changed with the advent of TikTok. It’s a regular occurrence that a well made how-to video on TikTok catapults a relatively obscure makeup product into TikTok viral fame. There have also been several recent trends and developments in response to changing consumer preferences and advancements in beauty technology. Latest trends include: inclusive shade ranges that cater to a diverse range of skin tones; products that are free from animal testing, use sustainable packaging, and contain natural and organic ingredients; “clean beauty”, love it or hate it is certified decision factor for many makeup buyers; bold and creative makeup looks seen on social media platforms; and finally solution oriented skincare/makeup fusion products is a trend that focuses on makeup products that also provide skin-care benefits, think tinted serums, glow primers, de-puffing concealers etc. that all started with BB creams, and CC creams offering coverage while also hydrating and protecting the skin.

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