An SK-II Dupe Is One Of The 5 Most Extreme Skincare Dupes Ever Discovered

Published on July 18, 2019

By Terry

These are results so extreme that they deserve to be highlighted in a dedicated blog post. We are seriously RUNNING, not walking, to scoop up these dupes!

Here we go.

Number 1 Extreme Skincare Dupe


Nannette de Gaspe – Restorative Techstile Face Mask $120/mask

Have you heard about the dry sheet masks on the market? The idea is that the active ingredients are in dry form on a more durable sheet that can then be used more than once. Apparently without water, the actives can better penetrate the skin. We first came across this concept when we discovered the uber luxe pioneer of dry sheet masks, Nannette de Gaspe, on wallet-busting but swoonworthy online shop NET-A-PORTER. Needless to say at $120 PER pop, we did not even give it a try. We then witnessed Charlotte Tilbury release a more “affordable” version that was around $30 PER pop. We still did not try it out. Then Skincare Compare came to the rescue…


Ulta – Instaglow Dry Sheet Mask - $2/mask


The Ulta Instaglow Dry Sheet Mask is only $2 per mask and it has a mind-boggling 96% Match Score on Skincare Compare. So finally, finally, finally we WILL be giving this dry sheet mask concept a try.

Number 2 Extreme Skincare Dupe


Augustinus Bader – The Rich Cream $265

Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream is the miracle worker of the moment among Hollywood Insiders. With a name like Augustinus, you know you’re selling something haute. The Rich Cream is ideal for dry skin or for a night moisturizer. Professor Bader has a background in stem cell research and is a professor of applied stem cell biology and cell technology at the University of Leipzig. This formulation uses stem cell technology to trigger your skin to repair and renew itself.


January Labs – Moisture Balancing Lotion $28


If you’re lusting after the hottest and richest cream of the moment but can’t quite swallow the $265 price tag, we’ve discovered just the new addition for you. How about a dupe delivering the same argan, avocado and primrose oils and offering an equally high quality hydration? Yes please! January Labs’ Moisture Balancing Lotion is a gentle, plant-based day cream that’s pure, efficacious and uncomplicated. A wonderful does-everything solution for those who prefer their skin care simple, this cocktail of natural oils and botanical extracts maintains moisture levels and boosts elasticity – soothing, strengthening and deflecting the damaging effects of everyday environmental stress.

Number 3 Extreme Skincare Dupe


SK-II - Cellumination Cream EX $160

Marketing says that SK-II’s Cellumination Cream EX is crafted with a powerful formula infused with minerals and amino acids. Further, this daily face moisturizer is supposed to to reduce uneven pigmentation and dryness. They claim that it will unveil a brighter-looking complexion. That all sounds great. I’m in. But at $160 for 50ml, my wallet is holding me back.


Enature – Zeo Brightening Emulsion $26.90


Holy moly we’ve found an SK-II dupe! For literally 5% the price of SKI-II, you can try Enature’s Zeo Brightening Emulsion. It’s literally $26.90 for 150ml and Skincare Compare gives it an 81% Match Score. Yes that is right, we’re talking about an extreme dupe! Enature is available at YesStyle.

Number 4 Extreme Skincare Dupe


SK-II – Facial Treatment Essence $185

If we are talking essences for the face, it really doesn’t get more iconic than SK-II’s holy grail Facial Treatment Essence. Everyone has heard of it and everyone also knows how expensive it is. At $185 for 160ml, this essence is not for everyone. So very quickly there was a lot of chatter about a viable dupe and it was so commonplace to hear Missha’s First Treatment Essence mentioned as the obvious dupe. Despite the almost identical looking bottles, Skincare Compare has discovered an even better dupe…


CosRX – Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Toner $16


Skincare Compare has found an even better and lesser known dupe in Korean beauty brand CosRX’s Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Toner. It’s got a 93% Match Score and is only $16 for 150ml. Yes that is 9% of the SK-II price. You might be wondering about one being marketed as an essence and the other one, a toner – but be assured the CosRX toner is a moisturizing toner, basically a hydrating layer.

Number 5 Extreme Skincare Dupe


Melanie Simon – Vitamin C Serum $200

Renowned esthetician Melanie Simon is the founder of Ziip Beauty, a company that creates an electrical skincare device to encourage collagen and elastin production in the skin. Now she’s channeled her anti-aging know-how into a new namesake skincare line. The first product is a vitamin C serum and it’s already said to be beloved by some of Hollywood’s elite. It’s $200 and sold at famous beauty retailer Violet Grey, so naturally we really really want it. But alas, it’s out of our price range.


VI Derm – Vitamin C Gel - $80


Enter extreme dupe #5, VI Derm’s Vitamin C Gel which has a 90% Match Score and is a “mere” $80. I know what you’re thinking. That is still really expensive. True sauce. Reminds us of the first rule of dupe hunting though – it’s all relative people. A dupe that is $80 is an amazing find if the target product you’re coveting sells for $200. That is the thrill of dupe hunting and why we love Skincare Compare.

That ends our latest round up of the top 5 most extreme skincare dupes. Results and matches are always updating due to products being added daily so make sure to stay on top of our latest SKINSKOOL news on Fb or Instagram. Search your very own affordable dupes of all your favourite products on SKINSKOOL now!

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