Decoding the Hype: Sol de Janeiro's Firmeza Oil and its Affordable Alternatives

Sol de Janeiro Firmeza Body Oil Alternatives

Published on January 04, 2024

Updated on February 19, 2024

By Terry

It all started with a comment we received from one of our community members about what was the elusive dupe they were looking for:

"Sol de janeiro body Firmeza oil because it smells delicious but it’s very expensive."

If there is one person in our community looking for an alternative to the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Firmeza Body Oil that sells for $52 for 100mL, then there has got to be many more so we decided to do a deep dive and help this friend out.

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil

What’s the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Firmeza Body Oil all about?

Well let’s start off with why the Sol de Janeiro brand is famous – they are famous for their Bum Bum cream which was the cult hit product that rocketed them to stardom. They’ve followed up with a line up of products all concentrating on similar themes, texture reducing and toning. Their star ingredient from the Bum Bum cream which was is also in the Firmeza Body Oil is guarana extract. Their products are also well known for their signature scents – nutty, vanilla-y, salted caramel.. essentially yummy.

What does the Firmeza Body Oil claim to do?

The idea is to deeply nourish the skin with this oil and provide a feeling of slimming with some depuffing properties. They state this can obviously be enhanced by the massaging technique one would use to apply to oil. Their before and afters specify specifically that the product was used in combination with lymphatic drainage massage.

Main Ingredient Call Outs

  • Guaraná Caffeine+ Complex™: This exclusive blend includes jaboticaba, guaraná, and muirapuama, all boasting robust bio-active properties. Guaraná and muirapuama are particularly noted for invigorating microcirculation and fostering a robust lymphatic system, which aids in achieving firmer-looking skin. Jaboticaba brings an extra punch of antioxidants, alongside Vitamins C and E.
  • Micro Algae Extract: Chosen for its sustainable origin, this ingredient is a powerhouse of polyunsaturated fatty acids, working to deflate puffiness and enhance microcirculation.
  • Brazilian Olive Oil: Hailing from Brazil's southern region, this olive oil is laden with nourishing polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals, yet leaves no greasy residue.

Alternatives for the Firmeza Body Oil discovered by SKINSKOOL

Most Affordable Option: Our pick for the best alternative for Firmeza Body Oil is Truly Dulce De Leches Firming Boob & Belly Serum. This more cost-effective alternative at $33.90 for $90mL makes a case for itself with its indulgent caramel scent reminiscent of Sol de Janeiro's aromatic profile. It is one of the 2 body oils in our database that also contains Guarana extract. It claims to firm and lift the skin, much like the Firmeza Body Oil, but with the added benefit of targeting stretch marks. Its unique selling point is the inclusion of retinol and hyaluronic acid, which are not found in Firmeza Body Oil. Retinol is known for its skin-renewing properties, and hyaluronic acid for intense hydration, making this a good option for those looking to improve skin texture and elasticity on a budget. In terms of scent similarity, we are quite convinced that this is what makes this product extremely dupe-worthy. It’s in line with the home baked goods fragrance vibe of sol de Janeiro. Keep in mind the Truly product has a shimmery finish.

So in a nutshell: Guarana extract + firming claims + yummy scent = great match.

Truly Dulce De Leches Firming Boob & Belly Serum

Similarly Priced Luxury: The second body oil that contains guarana is the Biography Sea Chrome Revitalizing Body Oil. A lightweight and fast-absorbing body oil that assists in tightening skin while leaving a subtle healthy glow. The downside is that it is more pricey than the Firmeza oil and the scent is in from the fresh coastal family, so definitely different from Firmeza. That leaves the former Truly serum as our top pick for multiple reasons.

Sea Chrome Biography Revitalize Body Oil

Our Methodology

We looked for an alternative by running a special report in our SKINSKOOL backend. We first put in the full list of desirable ingredients. We scoured for products containing the unique blend of guaraná, muirapuama, jaboticaba, algae, and olive oil but came up short. There were no body oils that contained all of these specific ingredients. So as is our usual process when we try to discover alternatives, we began to pull back on some of the specific requirements to see if we could surface some more viable alternatives.

Essentially there were no body oils that contain this specific trifecta of special Brazilian extracts. So then we looked for body oils with the most famous Brazilian extract (guarana) and algae and olive oil. Eventually we had to eliminate algae and olive oil. Adapting our search strategy, we focused on the key essence of the product — guaraná. That’s how we were able to surface the 2 options above.


Sol de Janeiro's Bum Bum Firmeza Body Oil stands out in the realm of body care for its delightful fragrance and promising skin-firming properties. Although finding an exact match in terms of ingredients and sensory experience was challenging, SKINSKOOL has surfaced viable alternatives for those seeking similar skin benefits. The more budget friendly option with a shimmer effect is the Truly Dulce De Leches Firming Boob & Belly Serum and the similarly priced prestige alternative is the Biography Sea Chrome Revitalizing Body Oil.

Don't forget to search SKINSKOOL for alternatives before you ever buy another product again!

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