Looking for Blue Tansy and Blue Cocoon May Lindstrom Balm Alternatives

Published on February 21, 2022

By Terry

Blue Cocoon sparked our search for blue tansy comparables

If you're here to see the May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon dupes according to SKINSKOOL's algorithm, jump to here. If you want to learn more about blue tansy, read on.

Everyone’s always after the next, best new skincare ingredient. When products start appearing on the market tinged a beautiful shade of sapphire blue, it’s hard not to wonder what’s going into them to make them so vibrant! In this case, the answer lies with one very special secret ingredient: blue tansy. But what exactly is it? How can it benefit your skin, and how can you access it at the best possible price point?

What is blue tansy?

It may surprise you to know that the plant from which blue tansy is extracted is actually yellow. Originally harvested wild in the Mediterranean, most of the blue tansy found in today’s skincare products comes from Morocco. The name is derived from one of the oil’s chemical compounds, which when heated, transforms into a beautiful indigo colour.

You can buy blue tansy in its purest form as an essential oil, but it’s also hugely popular as an ingredient in luxury and high-end skincare, owing to its multitudinous benefits. Crucially, the compound responsible for the oil’s blue colour possesses considerable antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory potential.

In fact, blue tansy is a fantastic ingredient for soothing inflammation altogether: it’s known to repair damaged skin, counter dryness, and comfort skin. Furthermore, like all essential oils, blue tansy has an aromatherapeutic function; the complex floral and earthy scent of the oil is instantly calming. And if you’re into clean beauty, you can rest easy knowing that the scent and colour of most products containing blue tansy come directly from the oil itself – no need for any additives!

What is Blue Tansy good for?

Blue tansy is well-suited to dry skin, owing to its ability to moisturise. Bur thanks to its low comedogenic rating, antibacterial properties and high linoleic acid content, blue tansy can also be safely used by anyone with acne-prone or oily skin.

Thanks to its moisturising properties, it’s no surprise that many of the most popular products containing blue tansy are moisturisers and hydrating serums. Recently May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon balm experienced some major promo and we were seeing it everywhere. Subsequently everyone was asking us - the affordable beauty experts - how they could find an affordable comparable. Well our algorithm has done some of the heavy lifting and you can see a whole list of the top comparable dupes for Blue Cocoon here.

Additionally, we at SKINSKOOL have pulled 23 products containing this ingredient, which we’ll quickly break down, before offering an analysis of which ones are the best for your budget, without compromising on quality.

Anfisa’s Lilou Radiant Hydra-Balm is a flawless, antioxidant-packed, barrier-repairing balm-to-liquid formulation which melts into the skin for a dewy glow. $145.

Averr Aglow’s Decadent Restoring Cream is a rich age-defying moisturiser which works to reduce signs of aging and soothe irritated skin. $49.

Bambu Earth’s Cactus Concentrate is a luxurious balm-to-oil combination serum and moisturiser with shea butter and blue tansy, designed for problem skin. £120.

Blue Haven Holistics’ Blue Tansy Beauty Balm is another moisturiser with a silky texture, perfect to soothe and calm irritating skin. $48.

Dermalogica’s Cooling Aqua Jelly Moisturizer is a lightweight water moisturiser, perfect for oily, acne-prone skin, and contains a bioflavonoid complex which mimics retinol. $23.

Earth Harbor’s Aqua Aura Reparative Eye Crème harnesses the plumping powers of seaweed collagen to restore and replenish the eye area. $34.

Earth Harbor’s Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer is lightweight and simultaneously creamy, perfect for breakout-prone that still needs love. $42.

evanhealy’s Blue Cactus Beauty Balm is a buttery moisturiser, rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E. Fantastic for dry, sensitive, or troubled skin. $48.95.

Good for you Girls’ Light Weight Moisturiser is formulated for teens, but it’s perfect for everyone, thanks to its mixture of botanicals and clean formula. $18.

Herbivore Botanicals’ Aquarius Pore Purifying Clarity Cream is fluffy and lightweight but still powerfully decongesting. $44.

John Masters Organics’ Rose and Apricot Antioxidant Day Crème is packed with botanicals like oats and collagen, for a lightweight anti-redness moisturiser. £29.

Josh Rosebrook’s Vital Balm Cream is rich, luxurious, and powerfully moisturising. It’s packed with aloe and plenty of plant oils. £90.

Kahina Giving Beauty’s Face Cream is an anti-aging moisturiser harnessing the power of polyphenol-rich Red Wine Grapes and argan oil. $105.

Kat Burki’s Bio-Correcting Face Crème uses anti-aging technology and a patented complex of antioxidants to restore firmness and combat wrinkles. $390.

Laila London’s Healing Blue Tansy Balm is a nourishing, versatile and all-natural water-free balm moisturiser with a silky, creamy texture. £39.99.

Leahlani’s Bless Beauty Balm is rich, highly concentrated, and promises intense comfort and softness for mature and dry skin. £55.

And finally May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm is a calming, anti-redness solid oil formula. Its delicate scent soothes anxiety while its ingredients soothe the skin. $180.

Wait, we're not done!

Naturopathica’s Argan & Peptide Wrinkle Repair Cream contains argan stem cells and peptides which promote skin cell regeneration. £111. Their Argan & Retinol Wrinkle Repair Night Cream is a more powerful formula, but still gentle and water-light, made with a tri-retinol blend. £114.

Skin Essence Organics’ E-Cream Skin Treatment Balm is a hydrating face and body cream for skin suffering from eczema, rosacea, and other irritation. $22.

Soupwalla’s Concentrated Repair Balm is full of botanicals which soften and calm skin, and improve bruising and varicose veins. It’s highly versatile. $72.

Sonya Dakar’s Blue Butterfly Balm has a 98% natural formation and can be used in harsh winter or scalding summer to restore hydration and nourish skin. £70.

Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil is a retinol-rich anti-aging night oil which counters dryness and promises plump, glowing skin. £85.

How to choose a blue tansy product that suits you?

With such a range of products to choose from, there’s no question that some will be more expensive than others. But does price have to correlate to quality? No, not necessarily at all.

If you’re looking for a product for decongesting acne-prone skin, Dermalogica’s Aqua Jelly Moisturizer is affordable at $23 and so is Herbivore’s Pore Purifying Clarity Cream $44 or Earth Harbor’s $42 Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer. Dry skin will love the Blue Tansy Beauty Balm or Blue Cactus Beauty Balm, both around $50, and great in place of the £90 Vital Balm Cream or £120 Cactus Concentrate.

Similarly, if you want a multi-functional face and body cream, the E-Cream Skin Treatment Balm is a full $50 less than Soupwalla’s Concentrated Repair Balm.

Laila London’s Healing Blue Tansy Balm is a fantastic dupe for May Lindstrom’s Beauty Balm and Sonya Dakar’s Blue Butterfly Balm, and far cheaper than both, at just £40 compared to $180 or £70. In fact, as mentioned above, the May Lindstrom has many viable alternatives, available to view on SKINSKOOL.

John Masters’ Rose and Apricot Antioxidant Day Crème promises radiance and soothes redness, just like Kahina’s Night Cream. The difference? The former is £50 less expensive!

If you’d like to compare further, the SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ tool offers a deep dive on all of these products, including their attributes and ingredients lists. You can browse thousands of brands and products, safe in the knowledge that you’re making the best choice for your needs, values and budget.

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