Review and all you need to know about Vasanti Brighten Up skincare line

Published on February 20, 2022

By Terry

Everything you need to know about Vasanti Brighten Up

Of the many amazing skincare and makeup products from Vasanti, its signature Brighten Up! line deserves a special look, also because it is the bestselling line of the brand. For a quick jump into context for the brand and how one of its most popular products, the Vasanti exfoliator, compares to the rest of the skincare market - check out the SKINSKOOL comparison review about it here. Read on to take a closer look at this product line from this much hyped brand.

What is Vasanti?

Vasanti (the Sanskrit word for “spring”) Cosmetics is a Canadian company founded in 1998. The brand was launched by four young women—three sisters and one close friend—who were dismayed by the lack of representation for South Asian skin tones in the makeup industry. Initially, Vasanti’s mission was to help South Asian women resolve concerns that were not being addressed by mainstream beauty companies. These concerns included dark circles, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone; when concealed by poorly-matching makeup, the skin looked ashy, dull, and unnatural. This is what led to the creation of the Liquid V02 Dark Circle Eraser, an effective concealer for medium skin tones and an enduring best-seller. Foundations and concealers for all skin tones were later added to the collection.

In addition to being a popular brand with excellent products, Vasanti Cosmetics was and continues to be a champion of inclusivity in makeup and skincare.

What makes Vasanti different from other skincare brands?

The list of Vasanti Cosmetics’ unique qualities doesn’t stop at a wide range of skin tones. Makeup formulas are light, easy to apply, and comfortable on the skin. The company emphasizes “value for luxury”: high-quality, multifunctional, effective products that won’t break the bank.

My favorite aspect of this brand is its ethics. Vasanti’s products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and made with clean conscious ingredients. I like it when a brand ticks all the boxes for a guilt free buying experience.

What products does it offer?

You name it, Vasanti’s got it. From lip plumper to blush to even spoolie brushes, Vasanti has all your makeup needs covered. Personally, I love the brand’s many lip formulas. And who can resist a name like the Cleopatra Black Liquid Eyeliner?
You can also easily build a skincare routine for day or night from its many product options. Vasanti offers a great cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer as well as several serums and eye creams. If you like everything in one place, you’ll love Vasanti’s skincare systems (a.k.a. skincare sets). There’s more than ten sets to choose from!

What is special about the Brighten Up! line?

Vasanti Cosmetics’ signature line, Brighten Up!, was formulated to address certain concerns—dark circles, pigmentation, uneven tone—using gentle but effective skincare products. Worried about sensitivity or irritation? The line is made up of 98-99% natural ingredients that the brand claims are sensitive skin friendly, the key elements being papaya enzymes, aloe vera, and arbutin.

Another benefit of the Brighten Up! series is that many of the products are multifunctional. Take the best-selling Vasanti Brighten Up Exfoliator Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator, for instance. It can be used as a scrub or, if left on the skin, as a brightening mask. The Brighten Up! Glow Boosting Serum is effective not only as a treatment product, but also as a hydrating primer when used under makeup.

Okay but what are other people saying?

They love it! A quick look at the comment section on the company’s website, Amazon, and Birchbox will reveal raving reviews across the board. Get ready to read "Best ______ I’ve ever used!,” “Changed my life!,” and “It’s perfect!” everywhere! Vasanti has also been featured on Elle, Flare, Glamour, InStyle, POPSUGAR, and BuzzFeed.

If you want to get more contextual information on Vasanti Cosmetics, enter them into our ingredient-list similarity tracker SKINSKOOL. As always, in real life trial is the best to know if something is going to work well with your skin. Despite all the glowing reviews a brand has, this is still the case. For now however, the evidence does seem to point to the fact that skincare lovers can’t get enough of the Brighten Up! Exfoliator and makeup lovers adore the Liquid VO2 concealer and the long-lasting, non-smudging Kajal Waterline Eyeliner Pencil. Whether you’re looking for the perfect shade of foundation, an effective brightening skin routine, or simply an ethical beauty company to support, Vasanti Cosmetics is a line to check out.

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