Unilever Acquires K18 and Launches Bond Repair Products en Masse

K18 and Unilever bond repair products

Published on February 19, 2024

By Terry

The hair care industry is buzzing with innovation, and it would appear that Unilever is at the forefront, having recently acquired K18, a brand known for its super hyped leave-in hair mask.

If you follow our content, you’ll know that the K18 hair mask is one of the most searched products on our SKINSKOOL platform, garnering thousands of searches a month. People are so interested in finding a potential alternative for this product that we covered it in a popular research piece on finding the best affordable alternatives to K18.

K18 Leave-In Treatment Mask

The K18 hair mask has carved out a very buzzworthy reputation in the hair care industry, primarily for its Peptide Treatment which the brand claims works on a molecular level to repair even the most severe hair damage caused by chemical treatments and heat styling. This product was designed to reconnect broken keratin chains, the brand says essentially turning back the clock on hair damage and restoring strength and elasticity. Unilever's strategic acquisition of K18 likely stems from the product's excellent sales performance, marketing success and the company's desire to integrate this high-performance technology across its broader portfolio, signalling a strategic move towards cutting-edge science in hair repair and rejuvenation.

For enthusiasts of affordable hair care alternatives, our hope is that Unilever takes whatever magic makes K18 work and spreads it to all their drugstore haircare lines. Wouldn’t that be cool?!

Logo of Unilever

We do seem to already be seeing a multitude of new Unilever products focused on bond repair, possibly in the future leveraging K18's expertise in bond repair across its family of brands. Since the acquisition of K18 was fairly recent and a product launch takes a very long time to develop in a company like Unilever, these new bond repair products from the Unilever family likely didn’t have any direct influence from K18. They were likely already in the pipeline and are said to harness the power of a patent-pending molecule, Bio Protein Care.

Dove, a household name under Unilever's umbrella, is one brand set to enrich the bond repair market this month. Their new Bond Strength collection includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, 10-in-1 Serum Mask, and 10-in-1 Super Serum. Eager shoppers can look forward to finding these additions in a variety of mass retail settings, though pricing details are still under wraps.

Dove Bond Strength Shampoo and Conditioner

Adding a touch of eco-consciousness to the mix, Unilever's Love Beauty and Planet is slated to introduce two bond repair hair masks, each at an accessible price point of $8.99. Nexxus is not far behind, with its own trio of bond repair essentials, featuring an Amino Bond Shampoo and Conditioner, alongside a potent Amino Bond Intense Bonding Treatment.

Also SheaMoisture is set to make a splash with an expansive bond repair range, boasting six products designed to cater to every step of your hair care regimen: an Amla Oil & Amino Blend Bond Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner, Bonding Oil, Repair Masque and Regrowth Treatment.

Unilever's strategy seems clear: harnessing the power of a patent-pending molecule, Bio Protein Care, to create synergies across its product lines. Whether you're a hair care aficionado or someone looking for reparative solutions, the future looks promising with these new, masstige innovative options soon hitting shelves. Keep an eye out for these exciting releases that promise to bring a little of that K18 made famous bond repair to your daily routine.

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