We found an Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair dupe after a lot of digging

Published on December 28, 2019

By Terry

SKINSKOOL is great for finding dupes that you otherwise would never know existed. We analyze product ingredient lists and compare whole formulations against each other. We want to give users as much contextual information as possible and we want to stay as objective as possible. After all, we don’t know necessarily why you’re looking for a dupe of something and making assumptions about what actives or claims you’re concerned about in a particular product could be highly presumptuous.

Skincare Compare applies its algorithm objectively across all the products in a particular category. So, it won’t affect the comparison results if one brand calls out a particular active ingredient in their marketing while another may use it but never mention it.

Sometimes it happens that a product has a very unique formulation, one that Skincare Compare cannot find any super high Match Score dupes for. What is considered a high Match Score is entirely subjective and depends on the user and the situation. The good thing is that every time we add a product to the database (which we do every day), our results will update and that elusive dupe could be discovered at any moment.

Secret Sauce

One of the things we love to do for our closed Facebook group members is to help them dig a little deeper into the backend of Skincare Compare when they are having trouble finding a really high dupe for a particular product.

In one recent case, one of our members was looking for a dupe of Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery serum. The top dupe results from Skincare Compare for an Advanced Night Repair Eye dupe were riddled with even more expensive brands like La Mer so that search didn’t instantly provide our friend with a super satisfying dupe at a great price. So we wanted to dig deeper and help her broaden her search. Our user identified the 4 aspects of the Advanced Night Repair Eye cream that she wanted present in a credible dupe. They were:

  • Bifida Ferment Lysate
  • Algae Extract
  • Peptides
  • sole hydrating ingredients

We ran a new search on the backend using a custom designed script and initially only other similarly high priced options came up – brands like La Mer, Darphin, Clinique and Bliss. Wow, we thought this was proving to be an expensive combination of ingredients.

So then we had to broaden the search even more. Not only taking into account these exact ingredients mentioned above but also other ingredients grouped together with them by our chemist. For example, like maybe not exactly bifida ferment lysate but another ingredient in the "fermented yeast" group.

And the dupe for Advanced Night Repair Eye is...

Mizon - Snail Wrinkle Sleeping Pack
This product ticks all the required boxes while also representing monetary savings over the target Estee Lauder product. Note that it is not marketed specifically as an eye cream - we had to enlarge the category search beyond just eye creams as well.

There were a few other interesting discoveries for possible Advanced Night Repair dupes if you leave out the "fermented yeast" requirement:
Timeless - Dark Circle Eye Cream
Versed - Zero-G Smoothing Eye Cream
Benefit - It's Potent Eye Cream

And for an affordable eye mask along the same lines - check out Miss Spa - Deep Wrinkle Hydrogel Eye Treatment.

To find your own amazing skincare dupes, check out SKINSKOOL’s Skincare Compare dupe finder tool to search over 32,000 skincare products on the market. To join our Facebook closed group and get personalized research like the user we mentioned above, just request to join our group.

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