Real dupes and affordable alternatives for Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment

We're reviewing dupes for Dr. Jart+ Tiger Grass Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment in terms of price, form and function

A very hot topic of discussion is the search for a real dupe for the Dr. Jart+ Tiger Grass Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment SPF30. Recently this product was impossible to get your hands on after it went viral on TikTok. This is a pattern we’ve seen happen a lot including with the Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Eye treatment. The TikTok Effect goes something like this:

  1. Product X goes viral on TikTok.
  2. Product X sells out momentarily and cannot be found in stock anywhere.
  3. Product X’s product category gets thrown in the spotlight. NB: more often than not it is a category that consists of many other products and brands and the technology is not really “new”.
  4. The best and most similar alternatives from the category are identified by SKINSKOOL.
  5. Thousands of happy skincare shoppers find products that do exactly the same thing while also fitting their needs, values and budget.

Why are you looking for a Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment alternative?

Thanks to SKINSKOOL’s powerful backend consisting of a database of 34,000 products and an ability to hone in on exactly the products we are looking for, we’ve got 2 reviews for you of real comparable alternatives for the Cicapair Color Correcting cream. These product alternatives promise to do the same exact thing as Cicapair. Whoop! The basis of our reviews will focus on 2 different angles. Firstly, price and affordability because not everyone wants to shell out $52 for 50mL of Dr. Jart+ Cicapair. Our second review focuses on the claim ingredient cica and the spf factor of the Cicapair Color Correcting cream. .

If you’re looking for a more AFFORDABLE dupe of the Cicapair Color Correcting redness reducing cream that contains skin friendly ingredients, see this review...

When you are using the SKINSKOOL dupe finder, it is very important to know what your angle is. After all, price is often a motivation to find an alternative, but it isn’t the only reason. There are so many reasons to use SKINSKOOL to find products that fit your exact needs, values and budgets. This review however is focused on price and finding a cheaper alternative for the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment. The Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment is $52 for 50mL so it’s quite a luxury option. Not everyone wants to pay this price for a single product so we honed in on a product that could do the same thing for half the price.

So what does the Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment do? According to the brand, it is a redness reducing cream that instantly neutralizes redness and evens skin tone for a healthy, natural look.

We’ve found an alternative from a very credible brand that is half the price and claims to do the same thing. The Indeed Labs Nanoblur Colour Corrector Green costs $19.99 for 30mL and it is a product that claims to work exactly the same way. The Nanoblur Green essentially combines good for skin ingredients such as squalane, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc with a green colour-neutralizing pigment that works to instantly reduce the appearance of redness. It claims to give the skin a smooth and velvet finish. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Put simply, both of these products claim to soothe, calm and moisturize the skin while reducing redness. The only thing the Indeed Labs version doesn’t have is SPF. So you will have to use a separate SPF. Honestly, we’d probably do that anyway. So in our opinion, it doesn’t get more functionally comparable than that and at half the price to boot. So good!

Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment vs Indeed Labs Nanoblur Colour Corrector Green
Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment (L) vs. Indeed Labs Nanoblur Colour Corrector Green (R)

If you’re looking for a redness reducing cream that also contains cica and SPF but doesn’t necessarily have a price advantage, see this review...

Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment vs Erborian CC Red Correct
Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment (L) vs. Erborian CC Red Correct (R)

When you are not looking for a necessarily cheaper alternative of a certain product, you can take a slightly more strict INCI list analysis to your dupe review. This is what we’ve done in our second dupe review when we used our database to find a product that not only functions the same way but also contains the main claim ingredient Cica. We’ve found a great comparable in the Erborian CC Red Correct which is similarly priced at $44 for 45mL. It is characterized by the brand as a color corrector with extra redness coverage and the benefit of SPF 25. So with the green tinted redness reducing aspect and the SPF – it is pretty much exactly on par in terms of form and function. Also add to that the fact that it contains Cica, or Centella Asiatica Extract and you’ve got a pretty perfect dupe.

You can always find more similar product alternatives to suit your needs, values and budgets by using our SKINSKOOL similarity review platform!

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